G.V() 1.57.81 Release Showcase

Hey! We’re starting a new tradition of releasing blog posts to quickly show case new features of G.V() whenever a feature update is released. To kick this off, let’s have a look at what’s in store for this update!

 Improved Query Editor User Experience

G.V()’s query editor is an essential part of the software and one that hasn’t seen too much change since it was first released. So we thought now’s a good time for a fresh coat of paint and a little rework of the user experience. 

First of all, we’ve redesigned all the popups to match the overall style of the application better. 

We’ve also reworked the sidebar popup to be permanent but easily toggled – it now contains some useful shortcuts such as a view of your data model as you type your query and it will continue to display context- aware information as you type your query (e.g. Gremlin documentation, data model documentation, etc). Moreover, when highlighting a specific step in your query, this assistant feature will also display the corresponding documentation. 

We’ve also added a never seen before (in the Apache TinkerPop world!) syntax highlighting feature that will really improve readability, especially on complex queries. Check it out: 

G.V() Gremlin Syntax Highlighting demo

This is a first phase of improvements that will soon be followed by more – our focus will be on additional highlighting and query writing assistance scenarios (e.g. project/select key highlights, labels and property keys documentation display on highlight, etc).

 Apache TinkerPop 3.7.0 Official Support and G.V() Playground upgrade

 G.V() now officially supports Apache TinkerPop 3.7.0! Thanks to the addition of Properties on Elements in this new version, all users using Gremlin Server 3.7.0 will benefit from considerable performance improvements when fetching large amounts of vertices and/or edges through G.V().

We’ve also upgraded our own in-memory graph, G.V() Playground, to 3.7.0 meaning that it will also benefit from the same performance improvements. 

We’ve added GoLang as a translation target to G.V(), as has been introduced in this new release of Apache TinkerPop. 

There are further performance improvements that were made to the result serialization aspects of G.V() which all Apache TinkerPop graph systems and versions will benefit from in this new release. 

New Amazon Neptune Audit Logs View

There’s a new Amazon Neptune log view in G.V() to complement the previously released Slow Query Logs view. Much like the former, it is designed to allow users to quickly profile and debug Gremlin queries running on their Amazon Neptune database. We’ve also added some additional controls on both tables to select the columns to display.

Note that much like the Slow Query logs view, this requires the use of the AWS CLI in order to fetch the logs from Amazon CloudWatch. Check out our documentation and the Amazon Neptune Audit Logs user guide for more details.

The addition of this Audit Log View makes it easier than ever to identify queries running against your database and re-run them if necessary. Once again, GIF demo time!

Amazon Neptune Audit Log view

Everything else…

There’s a few bug fixes and other minor improvements in this release, for reference, see the full release notes below:

G.V() is a continuously evolving software – we have monthly feature releases and monthly maintenance releases running in tandem to ensure both that  new features regularly hit the shelves and any defects/bugs are promptly squashed. We’ll post about every feature release to give you a better idea of what’s changing (and why you should update!). 

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